In Bed With … Ryan Kwanten

November, 28, 1976, Sydney, Australia
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Pisces
Mercury: Sagittarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Sagittarius

Love Style:

When it comes to love, randy Ryan loves to put on a show. He’s extravagant, whimsical and wild. He’ll wine and dine, trip the light fantastic with you, and make you think he’s fallen head over heels — but think again, as that’s just the way he is and his actions are often no indication of his emotions. He’s fun and driven by his freedom, so while he loves having a partner in crime to wander off the edges of the earth with, he also loves variety. The more restrictions he has, the more claustrophobic he’ll feel. This makes his love style one of magic, but not of solid substance. His feelings change as often as he changes his underwear; he’s prone to being the type committed to bachelorhood, loving to wear his heart on his sleeve, for every new, hot and stimulating piece of ass he finds.

Sex Style:

Ryan is no slacker when it comes to getting his rocks off. He’s curious and has the power to rock it til the break of dawn. However, he has a tendency to fall for people more sexually uptight than him, which can lead him to come across crass when he doesn’t get his way. This means when sex is going to happen, instead of smoothly easing into it, he likely pounces and goes at it as if it were his last time — he is extreme, raw and physical. He’s a man’s man when it comes to sex, but the nice balance is that behind all that fire is an affectionate tender heart. However, to get to his creamy nougat inside, one must be able to have the stamina to survive and challenge his athletic approach to sex. To help put him in the right mindset, his best sex most likely occurs outdoors — and the more exciting the backdrop, the more thrilling the boning.

His Type:

What is best for him and what he craves isn’t often the same thing. While he does have a twisted fascination for opposites — as in a person he can change — he is way better off with someone who is more disciplined than he is but on the same level of enthusiasm and openness to adventure. He needs to be with his best friend, someone who is spiritually grounding or intellectually challenging. A person that can hold their own with success and isn’t intimidated by anything — least of all him. While he does like playing the knight in shining armor, being with someone that allows him to be vulnerable and knows how to handle it is better suited for him — as in knowing how to be a graceful bottom, not just the cocky top. So, unless he learns how to be more emotional and open, he might have a hard time recognizing an equal match over a good time.

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