How Far Will Funny Get A Guy?

Show me a person who doesn’t have at least a handful of characteristics she or he is looking for in a mate — or date — and I’ll show you the real-life leprechaun I keep as a mascot on my rooftop garden. Whether it’s brains, a great bod, or a timeshare in Boca Raton, we all have a list — some are even written down somewhere — of the things our significant other must possess. Topping the list for a lot of us is a great sense of humor, but exactly how important is having your funny bone tickled? recently compared “funny” against a host of other “most wanted” characteristics to see how a good sense of humor stacked up when women are doin’ the choosin’. Are those sitcoms that feature a beautiful wife with a pudgy but hilarious husband telling the truth? Find out after the jump.1. Funny Vs. Looks

In order for this to be a real test, we have to assume the two are mutually exclusive. For these purposes, let’s compare, oh, Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher. Full disclosure: I ran these names by a friend of mine and she said, “I wouldn’t call Chris Rock ugly. People don’t think of him as ugly.” And while I admit he’s not ugly, he’s not what you’d call good-looking either, right? But here’s the thing, the guy is HILARIOUS. Who cares what he looks like when he could keep you in stitches all night long? It’s his humor that makes him so attractive. And Ashton Kutcher? Well, he’s hot, for sure, but his idea of a “joke” is filling your tube of toothpaste with Elmer’s glue or taking a photo of you bending over in a bikini and posting it on Twitter. Um, ha-ha?

Winner: Funny! Ashton might be fun for a night, but for the long haul, it’s Chris FTW.

2. Funny Vs. Ambition

AskMen says that ambition wins, but who are you gonna choose: Seth Rogen or, I don’t know, Perez Hilton?

We say the winner is clear: Funny, again!

3. Funny Vs. Wealth

Adam Samberg or Donald Trump?

Winner: Funny (we agree with AskMen on this) — Melania can keep The Donald!

4. Funny Vs. Intelligence

Oh, f*** it, just give us George Clooney already so we can have it all.

Winner: Tie. As AskMen says: “For most people, intelligence is very much intertwined with comedy.” We can’t have one without the other!

Now, dear readers, I’m curious: How do you stack “funny” against some of these other “most wanted” characteristics, such as honest, romantic, good in bed, sensitive, um, and hung? Is “funny” still the big winner? Or, does “big wiener” take the prize (sorry, I couldn’t resist a bad pun)?