Does Being Unemployed Change The Way You Dress?

Today the Wall Street Journal supplied a helpful article on how to dress and act after one has been laid off. The advice regarding comportment seemed straightforward enough: Don’t badmouth your former employer, especially via YouTube video. Yeah, um, we kind of guessed that one already. But the sartorial directive, “In the aftermath of a layoff, style is critical,” had us scratching our heads.
Recently laid-off Michael Guarini claims that since he lost his job, he now wears business suits all the time because he considers himself constantly networking. And it is food for thought. If you’re unemployed, as a general rule it’s smart to let both friends and business acquaintances know, so that if they hear of any opportunities they can pass the information along. But we never really considered the fact that it might be wise to start dressing like, well, you are the consummate professional at all times. Not that you can afford to go on a shopping spree.

Then again, the scary statistic quoted in the article — one out of 10 workers is unemployed right now — makes us wonder if it couldn’t hurt to step it up, style-wise. If you’re not currently between jobs, do you remember making any major wardrobe changes last time you were sacked? Or do you just remember the watching soaps all day in your jammies part of getting dressed each day? [WSJ]