British Girl Locked Up For Facebook Bullying

Troubled British teen Keeley Houghton, 18, has scored three months in a young offenders’ institute for bullying Emily Moore, via the internets. Keeley used her Facebook page to call Emily numerous names and even threatened to kill her. One of her attacks said, “Keeley is going to murder the bitch.” It’s unclear why this crazy girl has such a vendetta but she’s been targeting Emily since the two were 14. Keeley has previously gotten into trouble with the law for assaulting this same girl and kicking in the front door of her house… Of course, when Keeley got the sentence she broke down and cried like a baby while he friends screamed, “We love you Keeley!” The bullying gal made a bunch of excuses in court, claiming she was drunk when she posted the threats and didn’t remember it. But she left the nasty messages on her page for 24 hours and wrote them at 4:00 in the afternoon. Day drinker or big-time liar? Does it matter? [Daily Mail UK]

Have you ever been bullied via the internet?