10 Signs Your Relationship Is Really Ready For Commitment

Over on the Huffington Post today there’s an article called “10 Signs You’re In A Commitment-Ready Relationship,” in which “commitment” is defined (according to A Clinician’s Guide to Maintaining and Enhancing Close Relationships) as “intention to persist in a relationship; being psychologically attached to each other; and developing a ‘cognitive orientation’ that says, ‘Yes, we are in this for the long run.'” “Make sure you are in a relationship with someone who is as commitment-ready as you,” the article warns and then lists 10 signs from Profiling Your Date: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Evaluating a Man to determine whether you and your partner are on the same track. While the signs are decent indicators the person you’re with isn’t, like, a jerk, we think there are better signs that you’re both ready to take the plunge and become exclusive. After the jump, how to really tell if you’re relationship is commitment-ready.1.