10 Activities That Should Be Illegal To Do While Driving

After hearing the appeal of a man who was caught using his mobile phone while driving and fined $350, a German judge is making the argument that this shouldn’t be illegal in the first place. In his ruling, Judge Albert Bartz wrote that if it is against the law to use a phone while driving, shouldn’t other dangerous activities be illegal, too? Examples he cited included masturbating or typing on a computer that’s sitting on the passenger’s seat. Sure, there have been studies proving telephone use while driving, especially texting, can lead to accidents, but there are a lot of other dangerous activities we engage in behind the wheel that aren’t illegal unless they distract you and cause an accident. After the jump, 10 things that aren’t illegal to do while driving but should be. [Spiegel Online]1. Flossing: Dental hygiene is important, but this activity requires the use of both hands. Using a flosser, on the other hand, should be totally legal.

2. Reading magazines: You might think flipping through Us Weekly couldn’t possibly be distracting — is there anything in it that requires reading, anyway? — until you get so engrossed in the “Why He Chose Renée?” story you miss a traffic light.

3. Applying makeup: Do you want to lose an eye? We didn’t think so.

4. Sex of any kind: If both parties end up satisfied, who’s going to control the steering wheel?

5. Changing a diaper: The smell alone could cause an accident.

6. Disciplining a child: Turning around to scold or separate siblings in a fight means no one’s eyes are on the road.

7. Getting out money for tolls: Swerving happens when your purse falls to the floor of the car and you have to dig for your wallet. Maybe they should just get rid of tolls.

8. Eating: Unless it’s a granola bar that requires one hand and can’t spill, food is as dangerous as cell phones.

9. Singing: When we hear Whitney Houston, we close our eyes and try to hit the high notes. A fender bender occurs every time “How Will I Know?” gets played on the radio, that’s why you don’t hear it very often.

10. Sneezing: Another eye-closer, sneezing can’t be controlled, making it all the more dangerous for motorists.