Quickies!: Amy Winehouse Is A Dancing Queen For TV?

  • Amy Winehouse might compete on “Strictly Come Dancing,” the British version of “Dancing with the Stars.” An insider said the series’ producers are hoping the show will be able to compete with rival show “The X-Factor,” which has inked deals with several high-profile celebrities. [Celebslam] — I might have to move to London to see Amy on live television. Imagine all the laughs.
  • Lindsay Lohan is too “jaded” to play the role of a sexually curious teen, say a film’s producers. [Female First] — This chick might not work in Hollywood ever again.
  • Have you ever wondered who Hollywood’s most famous trippers are? These celebrities have admitted to LSD use. [The Daily Beast] — Dan Rather? I’m shocked.
  • Venus and Serena Williams are close to inking a deal that will make them part owners of the Miami Dolphins. [Clutch Magazine] — Sistahs are doing it for themselves.
  • Lucky mag will no longer produce issues dedicated to specific regions in the U.S. Tear. [WWD] — Even NYC? But this is a major fashion capital. F**king recession!
  • A 23-year-old woman has been arrested after a row with a 13-year-old boy in a wheelchair. Oh, and they were fighting over a soccer ball. [Fanhouse] — This reminds me of the time I witnessed a woman fighting with a woman who needed a walker because the woman with the disability called her a bitch. Fist-fighting is just so pointless.
  • A British amusement park has a new rule: “Say No to B.O.” So stinky guests are asked to keep their arms down. [Gadling] — Too bad that rule can’t be implemented on public transportation.