Model Finds The Frenemy Blogger Who Called Her A Skank

Earlier this week we told you about Liskula Cohen, the model who was pissed off because an anonymous blogger was calling her mean names on the internet. A judge ruled that Cohen had the right to know the identity of the blogger behind “Skanks In NYC,” so she could sue them for defamation, and ordered Google to fork over the email address that the blogger used to start the site. At the time, Cohen said she hoped the person wouldn’t end up being someone she knows and considers a friend. Well, after doing some internet sleuthing — using Google, I assume? — Cohen discovered that her nemesis was, in fact, a frenemy! The woman behind “Skanks in NYC” is a “social acquaintance” — her name hasn’t been revealed — who Cohen describes as “an irrelevant person” whom she’d bump into at events and restaurants. So what did Cohen do with this new information? The answer may surprise you. Cohen called her up! The New York Post writes:

The stammering blogger responded, “We shouldn’t be talking … We should talk with the lawyers.”

Cohen stopped her in her tracks. “I said, ‘No more lawyers. It’s OK. I said I forgive you. It doesn’t matter anymore,’ ” Cohen told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“She told me we should talk in person. I said fine.”

Whoa. Might these two bury the hatchet like normal adults, rather than clogging up the legal system with their bitchy catfight? Is it possible that frenemies can put aside their grievances, kiss, and make up? Not if Cohen’s lawyer has anything to say about it! Steven Wagner said he plans to file a defamation suit against the blogger as early as today. [NY Post]