Megan Wants … Her Show To Stay On The Air

Ryan Alexander Jenkins, the “Megan Wants A Millionaire” contestant wanted for questioning after his wife, Jasmine Fiore, turned up dead and stuffed in a suitcase in a dumpster, still hasn’t been found. The police have been searching for him since Saturday. The real estate mogul is worth $2 million, and the sheriff’s department is saying that it’s very possible he used said millions to make a run for the Canadian border. They found one of Ryan’s two cars abandoned at a marina near the state line, and have a report of a man who matches his description getting off a boat in Canuckland. [E! Online]

With all this horrifying news, VH1 has decided to cancel “Megan Wants A Millionaire.”On the show, Ryan was the first guy Megan met, and they had an instant attraction. He made it to the final episodes before getting nixed by “Rock of Love” and “Beauty and the Geek” alum, Megan Hauserman. But VH1 isn’t just canceling the show—they’ve completely erased any sign that it ever existed from their website, besides this official statement:

“Ryan Jenkins was a contestant on ‘Megan Wants A Millionaire,’ an outside production, produced and owned by 51 Minds that is licensed to VH1. The show completed production at the end of March. Given the unfortunate circumstances, VH1 has postponed any future airings. This is a tragic situation and our thoughts go out to the victim’s family.” [VH1]

No word yet on whether they’ll pull the upcoming “I Love Money 3,” which Ryan was also a contestant on.

So how did Jasmine end up with Ryan, considering he was just vying for Megan’s love? After getting booted from the show, Ryan met Playmate Jasmine in March and they tied the knot in Vegas, before having their marriage annulled in May. In June, Jenkins was charged with domestic abuse—the case was awaiting a trial in December. [Radar]

Do you think VH1 was right to cancel the show? Personally, I was kind of morbidly interested in watching.