Lord Of The Ring: Man Loses Wedding Ring In The Sea, Finds It A Year Later

Sometimes miracles really are possible with the power of love (and prayer). Take this story, for example. A New Zealand ecologist who lost his wedding ring in a harbor while checking for invasive plant species has found the ring over a year later. When it fell off into the murky water, “like a scene from ‘Lord of the Rings’ in slow motion,” Aleki Taumoepeau threw an anchor overboard to mark the spot and vowed to his wife of only three months that he would find it. When she offered to buy a replacement, he insisted he wouldn’t need one. Initial searches were unsuccessful, but finally, on a chilly dive during the New Zealand winter, he miraculously found the ring. “I was getting cold and tired,” Taumoepeau said, “so I said to God it would be really good to find the ring about now.” Just then, he spotted the anchor he’d thrown overboard and lying right next to it, only inches away, was his ring! “I couldn’t believe that I could see the ring so perfectly,” he said. “The whole top surface of the ring was glowing in the normally murky waters.” Now let’s hope he remembers to take it off the next time he goes searching for plant species in the bottom of the sea. [via LiveNews]

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