Is Eye Cream A Big Old Waste Of Money?

Say it ain’t so, but a major UK consumer organization claims that spending money on fancy eye creams is like investing in horses and buggies, or erm, something like that. The group Which? tested 12 anti-wrinkle products on volunteers between 35 and 65 years old, and “found none of them came close to eliminating or reducing the appearance of lines.” Not. Even. One. As a result, they concluded that a $5 eye cream is not too different from a $50-plus one. [Belfast Telegraph]

Really? Do you agree?Women are notoriously fastidious about their eye creams. Maybe it’s because the eyes are such an important feature — it’s often the one people notice first — that we’d like to think if there’s anything we can do to make them look more well-rested, firm and relatively crow’s feet-free, we’ll gladly pay for the privilege. And while I’m the first one to recommend your drugstore brand over more expensive department store products, I have to admit that when it comes to the eye cream category, I’ve had trouble finding anything that comes close to the secure-feeling spackle-and-airbrushed (in a good way) effect I get from my Clarins Instant Smooth, $30, or the I-slept-nine-hours-last-night look that a dose of skin brightening Prescriptives Vibrant-C, $38, lends.

I totally get that a moisturizer is just a moisturizer no matter what the price, and I think we all (hopefully) know by now that 99.9 percent of skincare creams only work on a cosmetic, superficial level, but maybe it’s that cheaper brands are lacking in the kind of sophisticated formulations that pull that more polished look off? No, I know that’s not exactly right, because mass companies have even more talented chemists on staff than smaller companies can afford to recruit. Perhaps I just need to road-test some more of the latest lower-priced brands.

I guess this is a long way of asking: Do you personally think it’s worth it to shell out a little extra for an eye cream, and, if so, why? And if you’re all like, “Hell no!” can you please share some cheap ones with the class!?