Henri Bendel Models Forced To Facebook In Public

Iconic New York City boutique, Henri Bendel is embracing the future. Instead of the standard slim mannequins draped in high end gear, the Fifth Avenue store has hired live models for their display windows. These girls are not posing for your viewing pleasure, instead, they are Facebooking. (And you thought it was tough working at Hollister…) How to participate and win a Bendel’s shopping spree, after the jump…From now until next week Monday, anyone who swings by the store will see a pretty blond (or brunette, depending on the day) happily clicking away on a laptop. What’s the point? To celebrate the launch of Bendel’s Facebook and Twitter page. Even if you can’t pop by, you can always get in on the action by uploading your photo to their Bendel Girls website. One lucky uploader will win a $1000 shopping spree to Bendel’s and anyone who sends in their pic will get a VIP card. The photos are streamed in the display window though, so er, you should know that before you upload. [Racked]