Dear Wendy: Can Couples Get Past Infidelity?

“Recently my boyfriend/ex-boyfriend has been going through some financially hard times. He still has his job but some other really difficult things have happened to him that would make anyone want to run and hide. He decided to face these problems head-on but it’s been incredibly stressful, and just recently I found out he had cheated on me. The last two months of our two years together had been the hardest and it was like he was no longer the man I fell in love with. Now that I have confronted him he said that he would do everything in his power to turn things around, get his life together, and then try and win me back

What I want to know is can you ever get over being cheated on? I know it’s very easy to say kick him to the curb, there are more fish in the sea, but I truly want to know if anyone has made a relationship work after someone has not been faithful.”

See my reply after the jump.Sure, people can get over being cheated on, and couples can even make relationships work after infidelity, but they usually do so because they’ve got enough between them — like kids, a marriage, a home, many years of history — to warrant trying to make it work, and even then it’s never easy. With only two years under your belt and (I’m assuming) no kids between you, my advice is to: RUN, RUN, RUN! Life is FULL of stressful periods. If in only your first two years together, your boyfriend has already shown that his way of dealing with hard times is by cheating on you, you’d be a fool to stick around and give him another chance to do it again. Yes, there are more fish in the sea. Now go out and find one who knows how to stay afloat when the waves get rocky.

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