Chew On This: Sexlets Gum

Ladies, I think we’ve all experienced that not-so-satisfying moment when we are ready for the ship to pull into the harbor, but the sail just won’t rise. An unfortunate experience for all parties involved. Well, I may have just found a too-good-to-be-true solution—Sexlets Gum For Him. That’s right. Have your man chew his way to a hard-on with this gum that claims to be a sexual enhancer formulated to help increase size, erection potency, stamina, energy and satisfaction for you and your dude. Worried about the side effects? Lighten up. It contains an “all-natural” blend of herbs and supplements which cause an increase in blood flow. And on top of all of that, it’s good for his breath! Screw Orbitz. This is the kind of gum I should be carrying around in my purse. Next time a dude asks me for some gum, I will slip him a Sexlet and just watch that ship sail. It’s a win-win.