21 Things Your Ta-Tas Are Good For

Did you see this chick who uses her funbags as a purse? Man, she can cram a lot of junk in her set. I am also a fan of putting my Grand Titons, a natural resource, to good use. In fact, I like to call my pair “nature’s pockets” because cleavage is a great place to keep a wad of cash or even your cell phone. Hey, use what ya got, right?! So, to help inspire your tittie committee to think out of the box, here are 21 things your boobs can do for you…1. Make your stomach look flat.

2. Act as a hands-free coaster for your champagne glass

3. Speaking of booze, showing some boob can also help you get free drinks

4. And showing them off will get you free beads at Mardi Gras

5. Put on lipstick like Molly Ringwald in “The Breakfast Club”

6. Be the softest pillow evah

7. Smash cans with your jugs like Busty Heart on “America’s Got Talent”

8. Break world records

9. Pretend to brush up against someone on accident

10. Make a living as a stripper

11. Tantalize and tittilate even gay men

12. Hold up a strapless dress

13. Built-in airbags

14. Twirl tassels like a burlesque superstar

15. Fake that you just can’t see something that fell on the ground so someone else will bend over and pick it up

16. Have a lucrative career in country music like Dolly Parton

17. Tittie-screw during sexytime

18. Feed the children

19. Play dumb

20. Make people want to hug you

21. Complain that it’s too cold without opening your mouth. Peeps will be able to see it’s a bit nippy and they need to shut off the AC.