WTF Is Angelman’s Syndrome?

So, I was pretty sure I was up to speed on my rare disorders – this happens to be a fascination of mine – but apparently not. If I thought Marfan Syndrome or Pica was weird, I was in for a mindf*** with this one. Wait for it…Angelman’s Syndrome (named after the dude who discovered it and also fitting cause peeps that have it have an unusually happy disposition) sometimes called happy puppet syndrome is a neuro- genetic thingy where a person has developmental delays, weird sleep things, “absence” seizures where they disappear for a minute, jerky, puppet-like movements like hand-flapping, frequent laughter or smiling. So. Damn. Crazy. Even crazier? Colin Farrell’s 6-year-old son James has it. [Celebrity Baby] Check out the video below of a child with Angelman’s to get a better idea. If you’re a science nerd like me, you’ll probably get wrapped up in research for the rest of the day.