Who Doesn’t Want Their Ass To Wink?

You know what the ass of your jeans is missing? Eyes. Eyes that wink. Retiree and grandfather of seven, William A. Jones, thinks so anyway. That’s why he’s invented Winkers, “the pants (or jeans) whose rear winks as the wearer walks.” Says the redonkulous press release we received today:

Mr. Jones says that the idea came to him when he admired a woman walking towards him and, as men do, checked her out as she passed him. He could have sworn that her elegantly jeans-clad behind sort of winked at him. He then thought that people-watching would be more interesting if their pants were adorned with eyes at the precise fold created by the motion of walking. Mr. Jones experimented with his daughter’s jeans and was quite pleased with the result: when he applied his technique of accurate placement, the pants
did wink!

Eureka! But that’s not all…

The eyes are sassy but there are other designs: a pair of ducks whose bills seem to quack, an owl that blinks, a lion in an elaborate jungle scene, as well as a pair of movie clapboards that spell “action, action” with the wearer’s walk.

These fancy asses don’t come cheap, with prices ranging from $149 to $569, but I guess money is no object when it comes to wearable art. Check out the video of Winkers in action and then (I know you won’t be able to resist) click here to buy.

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