Today’s Lady News: Don’t Hate Carrie Prejean Because She’s Beautiful, Says Trump

  • Last night on “Letterman,” Donald Trump shared his cockamamie theory that America hates beauty queen Carrie Prejean, who tussled with Perez Hilton over gay marriage, simply because she is so pretty! [Gawker]—Right. We don’t hate the Miss America runner-up because she’s a bigot. We’re just jealous of those fake boobs that the Miss California Organization paid for!
  • Moscow police have detained two mothers who allegedly put their teen daughters’ virginity up for sale. One mom allegedly offered her 16-year-old’s virginity for $6,000 and the other offered her 13-year-old’s first time for $12,000. Apparently, a police investigation discovered the moms were in cahoots with a company that served as a liaison between cash-strapped families and men who want to sleep with those family’s children. [Russia Today]—And you thought your mother was awful.
  • Conservatives in Denmark want to ban Muslim women wearing burqas in public because it oppresses women and is “un-Danish.” Said one pol, “We simply can’t accept that some of our citizens walk around with their faces covered.” [Spiegel]—But the real question is will Danish ladies be allowed to wear the burquini?
  • A judge in Oklahoma overturned a law that forced a woman who wants an abortion to first get an ultrasound and receive a doctor’s description of the fetus. [NY Times]
  • Single motherhood is not kosher, said a rabbi at the head of a Jewish fertility organization. Although the rabbi once expressed approval of single moms using fertility doctors to become pregnant, he said he has since reconsidered his position out of concern for the family structure. [Jezebel]
  • Gardasil, the new vaccine which protects women from strains of HPV which lead to cervical cancer, is just as safe as other vaccines, claims a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association. At least 20 deaths and two cases of Lou Gehrig’s Disease have occurred in women who had the vaccine, the report admitted, but they were not necessarily caused by Gardasil. [New York Times]—Good to know, because I have friends who have gotten vaccinated by Gardasil. But I’m still too cautious of its newness to get it.