Inside The “Sea Of Shoes” Bloggers’ House

We all click on over to fashion blog “Sea of Shoes” to soak in the photos of heels we can’t afford and the sometimes crazy but otherwise inspired styling by both mother and daughter Aldridge. But what I mostly can’t get enough of is in the background of their photos—the ah-mazingly decorated home they live in. Have you ever seen a more glam dining room (above)? Sigh. Style/SWOON just posted a better look at their eclectic and slightly madcap interiors. Get a home tour, after the jump… Love the mix of the rustic wooden coffee table and the sleek, industrial light fixture.

Anyone dealing with an ugly, dark, brick fireplace or wall? White paint is your answer—the entire room becomes instantly lighter and airier.

Genius—Vitra Panton chairs used as kitchen seating!

And their oft-photographed workspace: