Reality TV Show Peeps Are In All Sorts Of Trouble Today

Looks like “Megan Wants a Millionaire” contestant Ryan Alexander Jenkins isn’t the only reality TV star in trouble with the law today. While police look for Ryan, who’s a “person of interest” after his bikini-model new wife was found strangled to death, stuffed in a suitcase, and left in a dumpster, two other reality show stars are keeping it a little too real.

First, ”Survivor” season one winner, Richard Hatch. Back in 2006, he was convicted of tax evasion after failing to pay Uncle Sam on his $1 million prize money and was sent to jail. He’s currently on house arrest, and is scheduled to be released in October. However, he had permission from the Bureau of Prisons to do an interview for the “Today Show,” which aired today. Afterwards, he called in twice to a Rhode Island radio station that was saying some nasty stuff about his “Today” appearance—and he didn’t have clearance to make those calls. A few hours later, he was tossed back in jail. [NY Times] — Which wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that, in the interview, he claims the judge in his case discriminated against him for being gay?

Oh, and there’s more. “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographer Alex Da Silva, 41, has been arrested and slapped with a slew of sexual assault charges including four counts of rape, two counts of assault with intent to commit rape and two counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object. All the victims were dancers of some sort. Da Silva was arrested in April at EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood and is being held on $6.2 million bail. [LA Times] — Creepy.