Paula Abdul Flirting With “American Idol” Again

“American Idol” and Paula Abdul are stringing us along in a wicked game of will-they-or-won’t-they, and our hearts can take it no longer. Just when we were trying to move on after the Paula-“Idol” breakup and were getting kind of excited over the fact that Posh Spice, Katy Perry, Mary J. Blige, Shania Twain, and Joe Jonas would be stepping in to guest judge the “Idol” auditions, Paula’s dropped a bomb. She and “Idol” aren’t completely finished, and she may run back to the show after all. Paula, don’t mess with our hearts like that! Ever since those rumors that the “Dancing With The Stars” producers were making a play for our girl, Paula’s value on the reality circuit has skyrocketed, bringing FOX back into her arms. Negotiations are back on with the cold-hearted network snakes. Paula, if you do decide to get back together with them, know your value and tell them you’re worth at least as much as Simon Cowell. Straight up. We are here … eagerly awaiting your next Twitter announcement. [MSNBC]