Kate Moss Has Aged. We Still Say So What?

Today the Daily Mail reports that Kate Moss, presumably horrified by the recent unflattering photos of her looking a bit un-supermodel-like on vacay in St Tropez, is going on a health kick. “A source said: ‘Kate didn’t like seeing pictures of the state of her skin while she was on holiday. She knows it’s down to her lifestyle, so she is deciding to try a particular health plan to help regain a fresh look.'” The idea is to take 10 years off. Perhaps she’ll consult GOOP for fasting regimens?

Seriously though, here’s why this kind of sucks.
We’re all for drinking and smoking less — god knows we try — and hope that Kate does make some healthier choices if she truly feels she needs to alter her lifestyle. But on the other hand, there was something really refreshing about seeing such a great, famous beauty age naturally as opposed to the usual plastic-surgery road most older celebs feel pressured to travel. Personally, I think people were so “shocked” because it’s quite rare to see a middle-aged celeb who isn’t all shot up with Botox and fillers these days. Could it be even more “shocking” that our eyes simply aren’t accustomed to seeing fine lines and creases on famous people anymore?

Sure, Moss is getting to an age where she can’t party like she used to and look fresh-faced on set the next day. That’s just life. I guess what really gives me pause here is that tons of male stars — namely musicians — drink and smoke and do drugs and god knows what else far into their old age and, sure, maybe they look like ass, but they still land hot young wives and get praised for their stamina and prowess. Hello, Keith Richards? Meanwhile, Moss, who clearly lives a similar rock star lifestyle, gets vilified for it and suddenly, it’s her own fault she looks so “terrible.” It’s a pretty crappy double standard. [Daily Mail]