Jeans Too Tight? Having A Muffin Top Moment?

Have them expanded. (Like I was going to recommend some newfangled diet or exercise mumbo-jumbo!) A company called Denim Therapy has just launched a service where you send them the jeans that no longer fit and they, well, make ‘em work for your body. Wondering how they give you more room? Check it out…For $60 they insert little expandable side inseams into the upper sides of your jeans, right on the hips. Yup. The company is really targeting preggers women with the service because once you get back to your pre-baby weight you can have the flex inseams removed (it’s included in the $60 fee)—but hey, if you gain a bit and don’t want to give up your fave denim, it works for just about anyone. Well, anyone that only gains weight in their waist—they’ve yet to figure out expandable vents for our thighs!

Would you do it? I may just go out and buy a new, bigger sized pair of jeans for $60 or less. And since I’m not a big scale-person—hate stepping on them—I actually use my jeans to determine if I’ve gained or lost weight, particularly when I’m wearing the same pairs over and over when winter comes. [Glamour]