I Wanna Dress Like: Lisa Turtle, Bayside High’s Style Maven

lark voorhies plastic surgery 081809 g1 jpg
Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle on “Saved by the Bell,” appears to have done some cosmetic surgery to her face after hearing news of a possible reunion movie. The rumored surgery must have been recent, though, because she looked like a more mature version of her “old self” on the cover of People earlier this month. A Florida-based plastic surgeon told Star magazine that it appears Lark had an eye lift and a lot of Botox. While I’ll admit she does look a helluva lot different, I’m not convinced surgery did all the damage — Lark also looks like a ghostly makeup casualty.

I’ve chosen to remember Lark’s glory days when she was playing style icon Lisa Turtle. You know you envied her wardrobe as a kid, but now as an adult you can dress exactly like her, and you don’t even need filthy rich parents.

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