Debate This: Sweaty Sex — Hotter Than Hell Or Totally Gross?

Lights on. Lights off. On the top. On the bottom. Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Bra on. Bra off. Fondle the boobs. Fondle the boobs and you die. Yes, indeed, us ladies and our sexual preferences are complicated. But nothing divides ladies with lust in our hearts quite like the sweaty sex debate! I swear by romps in the sack with the thermostat ramped up, but Frisky editrix, Amelia, gags at the very thought of being in heat.

Lucky for me, biology appears to be on my side: Yvonne Fulbright, “sexpert” for Fox News, says sweaty sex not only burns more calories, but releases more “natural scents,” which act like aphrodisiacs. Nevertheless, Amelia insists that wiping a man’s sweat off her brow is an instant mood killer. For a thoughtful debate on this deeply important subject, read our arguments and then tell us what you think!

Hotter Than Hell!
Totally Gross!
You think hotboxing during sex is uncomfortable? Try to make whoopee while shivering your ta-tas off. I hate having sex in air conditioning. It’s so awful. I’m not even one of those women who seem to be cold all the time, but when I take my bra and panties off in a cold room, my nipples and butt quickly become so cold that I just want my lady parts covered again. Then my body tenses up to try to warm itself and my movements are jerk-y. And worst of all, lube (even the warming kind!) and man-juices feel especially chilly, even clammy.

But in a hot room, I really feel primed for action. I’m loosened up and relaxed, as if it’s easier to move my body fluidly. When my guy and I are sweating so hard that our kisses taste a little salty, I just want to peel my bra and panties off and toss them to the floor where they belong. The heat does something to my sexual appetite, too: when the temperature rises, so does my libido! Some of the best sex I’ve ever had has been on sweltering nights in the summer months. And as far as I’m concerned, the sweatiness only makes each of us look, smell and taste even sexier. Besides, is there anything cuter than taking a post-coital shower together?

Jessica, Assistant Editor

Don’t get me wrong. I love the heat. I consider the ideal temperature to be 85 degrees and sunny, with humidity. I don’t mind sweating when I’m in a relaxed state, like lying on my roof while reading gossip mags. One of my favorite words in the English language is “balmy.” However, I do not like being particularly active in the heat, which is why I hate bikhram yoga, and I despise other people’s sweat, which is why I don’t want it dripping on me while I’m bumping uglies.

I’m a really neat and tidy person when it comes to my person and my surroundings. My bed is always made, I never leave dirty dishes in the sink, and 95 percent of the time I have an unchipped pedicure. I like sex raw and dirty, but only in the metaphorical sense. I’m cool with my OWN sweat, but someone else’s body juices ladled all over me? No thank you. I just don’t find other people’s sweat touching me to be erotic, in fact, I find it distracting. The antidote is not to blast the AC — rather, a nice cool breeze from a fan or an open window keeps me limber and dry. I’d rather be left gasping because the sex is that good, not because I’m so hot that I can’t breathe.

Amelia, Editor-in-Chief