Babies Are The New It Bag, Even For Men

Nina Carbone | August 19, 2009 - 2:40 pm

It’s been a new day, a new preggers Hollywood actress and/or model lately. In fact, sometimes it seem like babies are the new It bag of choice for some women—who needs Chanel or Chloe when you can tote around a living, breathing Hermes (Hello, Kelly Rutherford)? And now the men folk are getting in on it. Out magazine’s “Baby Daddy” spread features not only some of the most in-demand male models around, but also … babies as props! Screw designer murses—this is all about the well-dressed man and his genetically blessed kid. Check out some of the photos, after the jump. [Design Scene]baby daddy

High cheek-boned dads, chubby-cheeked babies … check!

baby daddy
This guy was too busy working on getting his Zoolander pose down to care about the screaming kid.

baby daddy
Like a toy dog, stick the kid in the bag and go!

baby daddy
This model has clearly never held a squirmy baby in his hands … ever.