Ask The Astrosexologist: Is My Libra Man Not Ready For A Relationship?

“I am a Leo (8/21/93) and my ex is a Libra (9/29/88). The beginning was wonderful, but after a while it went downhill (for six months!). He works all the time and he’s very busy. He procrastinates and makes empty promises. I’m really in love with him and he claims to love me and says he will improve — but he doesn’t. Is there any hope? Are we compatible? Should I try to make it work? How do I get this astrological sign to want me back? How do I get his attention? Is this the way Libra men act when they’re not ready for a relationship?” – Leo LadyLeo lady, know that once your sense of pride and ego start to suffer at the hands of a man, there is never a good ending to the story. Libra is a sign that will tend to take the most passive-aggressive approach to breaking up. They give excuses left and right — working late, family obligations, etc. When this happens, more often than not, they are trying to give you a hint that you should move on, because they are choosing to do that themselves. Libras are gracious and they have the sign of partnerships. They pride themselves on being with another, so when they are choosing to go alone, that is a big red flag.

Yes, you are in love with him, but since he is not giving you what you want, chances are you are in love with the ideal version of him and not who he really is. However, your Libra guy does sound somewhat ambiguous, but that just says to me he’s not fully into the relationship you two have, yet he doesn’t have the balls to let it go completely, holding on as minimally as he can to have you when it suits him. However, you deserve more and no matter what happens, he won’t have your best interests in mind. That is why you should get clear with yourself now — save your self-esteem and change your trajectory towards a relationship that challenges you in positive ways, not just in your patience and confidence.

The quicker you set your mind into this motion, the quicker you will be rewarded, as there is no time to waste with the aspects headed for Leo in weeks to come! For one, you’re still in your eclipse cycles, which means a restructuring of your identity and the way you want to be in relationships. The finale was on August 5th in your partnership house, so chances are that might mark the ending of this Libra in your life. From there, though, you have a celestial support system that is completely in your favor — from the sun in Leo until August 22nd, Venus in Leo on the 27th until September 20th, and the big gumball of them all, Mars in Leo from October 17th until the end of the year and into June 2010!

The sun gives confidence, Venus adds charm and pleasure to the mix, and Mars is all about determination, sexuality and power. With all these major planets heading into Leo, you are guaranteed good times! Just remember though, astrology is not a dictator of fate, just of energy. This means you have to get your ass moving to put everything you want into place. Know you deserve the best and then shoot for the stars! First, dump that Libra though. Likely, he’ll come crawling back, but when you get to re-dump him once and for all, it’ll be the crème de la crème of your power!

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