Today’s Lady News: Marriott Admits Blaming A Victim For Her Own Rape At Their Hotel Was Wrong

  • The Marriott Hotel & Spa in Stamford, CT, changed its legal claim that a 40-year-old mom of two who was raped at gunpoint in their parking garage was not to blame for her own rape. In a lawsuit against the hotel, the victim had claimed that the hotel did not adequately protect her from her attacker, who she said had been seen acting suspiciously in the parking garage before the incident. In response, Marriott said the victim had “failed to exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children and proper use of her senses and facilities.” [AP] — We’re really thrilled that the Marriott dropped the blame-the-victim hooey they were trying to pull.

  • A recent Marist poll said there is no way Sarah Palin would beat President Obama in a head-to-head match in 2012. Thirty-three percent of registered voters would go for Palin, while 56 percent would vote for the prez. [NY Daily News] — Wait, a third of voters would actually elect her as president?
  • An employer at a temp agency allegedly requested a photograph of transgender female Kate Lynn Blatt’s genitals before placing her with a job. After being discharged from a job that Manpower Inc. in Pennsylvania hooked her up with because she wasn’t well enough to work, Kate Lynn showed up at their offices asking for another chance. She alleged that Manpower’s branch manager asked for a photograph of her ladyland, as well as a letter from her surgeon documenting her gender-reassignment surgery, in order to get another job. A spokesperson for Manpower declined to comment. [Philadelphia Gay News] — Talk about the weirdest job interview.
  • Last week, the manager of a Chick-Fil-A in Florida asked Chylain Krivensky and her baby to leave after she offered Krivsensky a towel to cover herself while she fed her baby and Krivensky refused. The manager, who said some male patrons had complained about the breastfeeding, then booted mom and baby from the restaurant. Fortunately, state law in Florida protects moms who breastfeed in public. So Krivensky headed back to the Chick-Fil-A with a bunch of other moms and staged a “nurse-in.” [Orlando Sentinel] — Kudos to the manager, Virginia Piter, who admitted, “Everyone makes mistakes, and I made a doozy, and I’m sorry that I did.”
  • In more breastfeeding news, in an article in Mothering magazine, the author describes how in Mongolia not only do nursing mothers breastfeed in public, but after the baby has been fed, breast milk is considered a sweet treat shared among family and friends. [Utne Reader] — Whoa, culture shock.
  • The American Bar Association recently launched a nationwide directory of pro bono (that means free!) domestic violence lawyers. [] — We love it when lawyers use their powers for good, not evil.
  • A blogger accused the TV show “Monk” of slut-shaming sexual females on the show and treating women’s bodies as if they’re totally gross. [Filthy Grandeur] — Do y’all watch Monk? Have you noticed this, too?