New Pickup Technique: The Copy Cat!

Are you ready for this one? If you want to get someone to like you … copy him! As in say what he says, nod when he nods, smile when he smiles. Yes, that’s all it takes. A new study done with monkeys, balls, and marshmallows (yes, you read that correctly) shows that people recognize and prefer those who mimic their behavior, proving once again that humans and monkeys alike are all hardwired to be totally self-absorbed. [Time]Based on this, I’ve developed a simple yet effective technique that I like to call “the copy cat,” which makes peeps feel more socially bonded to you, inspires them to give you bigger tips, increases feelings of empathy and, most importantly, gets them to want to sleep with you. No more wasting your time with trying to impress dudes by showing off your unique qualities, naively trying to assert your individuality, or (gasp!) acting like yourself. Instead follow this model for all conversations: “My name is John.” “Your name is John.” “Where do you want to go?” “Wherever you want to go.” Smile laugh. Smile laugh. Nod. Nod. Bond. Bond. Fun?