Jesus Luz Loves Himself A Little Too Much

The folks behind the new Ona Saez ad campaign made so many questionable, er, “creative decisions” that we’re not sure where to begin. So let’s jump off from the most obvious point: Who approved the concept of a Jesus Luz love-fest? Why did it ever seem like a good idea to turn the Brazilian brand’s ad campaign into one massive blow job homage to Madge’s boy toy? [Made in Brazil]

More [ridiculous] pics after the jump…We acknowledge that those abs just won’t quit and we wouldn’t mind giving them a stroke. We’re only human, after all. But Jesus has a severe case of crazy-face going on and seems just far too comfortable holding that “I heart Jesus” mug. We have literally no trouble whatsoever believing that he really loves himself all the time.

And then, when he turns around for a classic ass-in-jeans shot, we get a nice view of his “Jesus Luz” tat. Just in case we forgot for a second exactly who is modeling. Thank god, cause we would have freaked the eff out if we thought some other model had taken his spot for the ass shot.

Awkward posing and a too-literal Jesus As Jesus concept courtesy of Jesus Luz and the folks over at Ona Saez. Enjoy!