It’s Always Teatime Somewhere: 11 Tea-Related Accessories

tea time g2 jpg
A.N. Original Jewelry Shop Tiny Silver Whimsical Teapot Necklace, $38, Etsy

I’ve never been a coffee drinker. While I love the smell of roasting beans and brewing pots, my taste buds can’t handle the bitter taste. So, I’m a tea girl through and through. I even had a tea-party birthday when I was about eight years old. Iced black tea got me through late nights studying in high school, and being introduced to chai in college was like meeting my soul mate. While coffee became the cool caffeinated beverage when the rise of Starbucks and other chains brought fancy brews to the masses, tea is entering the spotlight in the realm of fashion accessories. I just hope no one thinks that by wearing this little teapot necklace, I’m declaring myself short and stout.

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