HP Unveils Computer With Compact

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. What you are staring at is the ultimate girly computer. This Hewlett-Packard Makeup laptop has a screen that can morph into a mirror at the touch of a button, a pop-up makeup tray and a nail polisher, all in one pretty, pink package. We appreciate the effort to cater to a girl’s needs, but these bells and whistles would thrill a tween way before they impress a teen, young adult or mature woman. Frankly, we like to save our mani-pedi’s for the spa; but we’d warm up to a computer which spit out extra cash to help with life’s little luxuries and a beeping sensor to avoid jerks. Luckily, this computer is just a concept. It is one of a series of dream laptops created by industrial designer, Nikita Buyanov. Buyanov also created the HP Perfume, which doubles as a lamp and air freshener; the HP No Bag, which folds up into a tiny scroll; the HP Chameleon, which blends into any pattern or environment and the HP Mama, an indestructible unit which is totally childproof. As awesome as these comps sounds, does anyone else see this as an example of gadget’s that do way too much? [Like Cool]

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