Chic Barf Bags: Get Sick In Style

As a child, I had an extremely sensitive stomach. This resulted in my eating only bacon when my family went out to dinner [Does this explain why you’re now a vegetarian? — Editor] and getting sick on car rides lasting more than two hours. The former garnered me the nickname “Bacon Lady,” the latter made me incredibly embarrassed. Some may say Morning Chicness Bags are a complete waste of money at a cost of $7.50 for 10, but I would have liked to have had Motion Chicness bags. If they had been around earlier, I could at least have had a cute receptacle in which to vomit. Instead, it once ended up in my little sister’s bag of Silly Putty and travel games, and to this day, she still reminds me of this. [Morning Chicness Bags via Jezebel]