Can The Hipsters Save Polaroid?

When earlier this year Polaroid announced that it would stop producing its instant photo film and cameras, Girl Talk concerts came to a screeching halt and American Apparel model wannabes actually registered something else on their faces besides indifference. What would the world do without the artsy party snaps? “Culture, man, is going down the sh*tter,” they said.

Who should come to the rescue but hipster shopping mecca Urban Outfitters, who is about to launch an international Polaroid-saving (they hope) campaign. Yeah, really. Working with The Impossible Project (a group hoping to restart the production of analog instant film), Urban has purchased a huge supply of Polaroid dead stock, including film and equipment. On this Friday, August 21, stores in New York, London, and Los Angeles will begin selling a Special Edition Polaroid Camera Kit containing film and the device as well as film replacements for the hip kids who already own the camera (what, you don’t already have one?). You’ll also be able to purchase the kits online beginning August 28th. The package won’t come cheap, however, retailing around $170.

But to save, like, art? Yeah, whatever. I could do that, I guess. [Elle UK]