Bernie Madoff Has Got A Winky Dink

On August 25, Sheryl Weinstein—the woman who says she had an affair with Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff—releases her book, Madoff’s Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie and Me. The New York Daily News got an advance copy, and plucked some choice details. Evidently, Sheryl and Bernie started boinking in 1993, at a hotel in Washington, DC. (Their first date was at a hotel two blocks from his Upper East Side penthouse apartment.) Her initial thoughts? “This man was not well-endowed.” Sheryl discussed his peen size with several friends, who took to calling him “Winky Dink.” [NY Daily News]

Oh, but that’s not all the Bernie Madoff affair news out today. According to the New York Post, Bernie also got down with several of his secretaries. “He had affairs in the office,” claims a former employee. “There were two women I know of. They were gorgeous. They were blond. They were young. They were like baby Ruths—the same type as Ruth, with the same hair color and eye color.” One of these women allegedly was paid $250K to keep quiet about the liaisons. Considering that Bernie stole close to $65 billion, she probably could have eeked out a bit more. [NY Post]