Anonymous Blogger To Be Revealed, Promptly Sued

If someone started a blog about you, where they posted photos and called you a “skank” and a “ho,” what would you do? Would you sue? That’s exactly what Liskula Cohen wants to do, but the blogger behind “Skanks in NYC,” which is devoted to trashing the blonde model, is anonymous. However, a Manhattan judge ruled yesterday that Google — which owns, the blogging platform that hosts “Skanks in NYC” — must give up the identity of the anonymous writer behind it. The anonymous blog has argued that the content on the blog is “non-actionable opinion and/or hyperbole” — i.e. “trash talk.” But the judge who ruled in the case says that Cohen does have legal ground to stand on and must be granted the identifying information necessary to sue. The blog’s many references to Cohen “whoring” and being “ready to engage in oral sexual activity” imply that she’s sexually promiscuous, therefore Cohen can sue for defamation.

So, if all this is true, why haven’t the dozens of women who’ve had their images scrawled over with the words “slut” and “whore” sued Perez Hilton yet? [NY Post]