Would You Date—Or Marry—A Plastic Surgeon?

Imagine you’re getting dressed in front of your boyfriend and you ask the cliché question: “Do I look fat?” (We hope not, but just for the sake of argument here…) And his response is, “Well actually, do you want to do something about that?”

What would it be like to date a plastic surgeon—someone who spends his life producing and considering the “ideal” in female beauty? The New York Times’s T style magazine investigates this question in its latest issue. The answers, surprisingly, are a mixed bag. There’s what you might expect—women who are cosmetic surgery fans ask their partners to help them out (and they do so willingly). One celeb surgeon, Dr. Raj Kanodia (Jen Aniston’s nose man) has been known to dole out freebies to the ladies. “With previous girlfriends,” he says, “I’ve always done something—a little injection, a little Botox, and several of them I’ve done noses either during the relationship or after we broke up.” So you’d think that would mean that your doctor boyfriend or husband would constantly be inspecting you and suggesting “upgrades”? Not necessarily so. Dr. David Sayah takes his wife Deborah’s cosmetic requests with a grain of salt, telling her if she wants to lose weight, she should amputate a limb. (Ha! Um…) For guys like Dr. Sayah, it would seem they chose a mate who didn’t need altering. When Deborah had a nose job, he “objected,” and said, “I happen to think she was absolutely beautiful before she did it.”

Then there’s the issue of being with a man whose job requires him to literally check out other women everyday, feel their breasts, and imagine how his patients can be hotter. This, we imagine, would be a real pain in the ass. That is, if your husband hasn’t already anesthetized it for liposuction.

Would you feel uncomfortable dating a cosmetic surgeon? Or, if you’ve been in a relationship with one, do looks play an issue? [New York Times]