Topless Lady Gaga Lets It All Hang OUT

Because nothing and no one is safe from the far-ranging influence of Twilight, Lady Gaga and OUT Magazine have now officially gone vampire. She of the crazy clothes can be found this month in the mag’s pages clad as scantily as ever, but they’ve traded in her usual avant-garde fare for plenty of skin, black leather, a whole lot of blood-smearing and the sort of skeleton-loving we’re pretty sure can’t be totally legal. [The Insider]
There’s not too much to critique, sartorially speaking, because skin plays a far more prominent role than clothing does. But we’ve got to admit that the girl’s body looks damn fine done up in its nocturnal best. If we were feeling a tad kinky, we’d be all about that cutout underwear. Can’t really say the same for the mondo combat boots though — they feel a tad played out.

Congrats on a successful spread and perhaps the best PR move ever—the OUT feature appearing right on the tail of hermaphrodite rumors. That’ll keep us talking, Gaga.