The New Baby Shower

Baby showers haven’t changed much over the years. Guests, usually women, are forced to play silly games like Pin-the-Pacifier-on-the-Baby and that Don’t-Say-Baby safety pin game. Then, there’s the über-gross melted chocolate in the diaper thing that’s supposed to be funny but is simply disgusting. And don’t forget the obligation most guests feel to ooh and ahh at everything cutesy.

However, I went to a baby shower on Saturday expecting all these things and was actually rather surprised and relieved to find out it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. As I approached the venue, I heard salsa music blaring from a speaker and thought I couldn’t be at the right address. It was, so I entered the room and saw a DJ, bartender, and men — gorgeous eye candy to be exact. This wasn’t the first shower I’ve attended with a supply of alcohol and men, but is the first that had a bartender and men who didn’t have women hanging on their arms forcing them to participate. These were available flirty men! Even the bartender had a tip cup that read: “Tips or kisses.” It was basically a party where everyone was welcome — from little rugrats to family elders — as long as they intended to celebrate the new baby.

This was probably the first time I left a baby shower without a teensy bit of jealousy because I’m a single woman who wants a family and haven’t gotten to that point yet — I didn’t feel one ounce of baby fever as I left. I hope more showers are like this because men, as much as women, should celebrate new births, and women shouldn’t be made to feel inadequate if they’re still single.