Jon & Kate News Break: Hailey Comes Out Of Hiding, A Domestic Dispute, And Divorce Party

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Or not? Tonight, an interview with Jon’s first post-split piece of arm candy, Hailey Glassman, will air on E! News. She’s come out of hiding to claim she isn’t a fame whore, and insists that she’s totally in love with the daddy of eight. Oh yeah, and she admits the two were dating a month before Jon and Kate announced their split. Oops.

After the jump, more news about this dysfunctional fam.

  • Police were called to the Gosselins’ house on Thursday after a very angry Kate showed up unexpectedly because Jon hired some woman he met at a bar to watch the kids. The police calmed things down and Kate tearfully checked into a nearby hotel. The couple met the next day and had an awkward convo before Jon drove off, leaving the kids with Kate for some alone time. [NY Daily News]
  • The Gosselins’ divorce won’t be finalized until September, but Jon is already planning to celebrate poolside in Las Vegas. On August 29, the bachelor-to-be is going to do it up at MGM Grand’s Wet Republic. [Us Weekly] — We hope the party doesn’t get too wild. The last thing anyone needs is more Gosselins.