Sonic Youth On Gossip Girl? Huh?

For those of you youngins out there, let me explain to you the rocking indie impact that the band Sonic Youth had on me my freshman year of high school when I first saw them play. The small room went wild as a bunch of dirty teens half-headbanged, half-moshed to their raw sound. When alternative music was a newborn, Sonic Youth was the band that first introduced me to the hardcore post-punk, pre-emo sound that shaped my musical taste and defined the angsty sound of my generation. That’s why I was so intrigued to hear that Sonic Youth would be performing an acoustic version of “Starpower,” a song they wrote in 1986, on the fifth episode of “Gossip Girl” this season! Under what circumstances will the band appear? “It’s a big event that involves [engaged adults] Rufus and Lily. Just draw your own conclusions,” says Stephanie Savage, “GG”‘s showrunner. Debate this: Why would Sonic Youth agree to appear on “Gossip Girl,” especially considering that other guest stars this season will be Tory Burch, Tyra Banks, and Hilary Duff? Theories, please? Are they trying to connect with a younger audience, the kind who drops a few hundred smackers on a purse? Or is dirty indie making a mainstream comeback? Or did Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon’s 15-year-old daughter Coco suggest it? Whoa … wait. They have a teenage daughter? I feel old. [Music Mix]