Shocker: Levi Johnston Will Pose Naked For The Right Price

I bet no one saw this coming: Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin’s grandbaby-daddy, admits that he’d totally pose naked for the right price. “It depends on the money, man,” he says from his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska in a Skype interview with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Any chance the “right price” could come from a gay publication? Cohen reminds Levi he’s become somewhat of a “gay pin-up boy.” And since he escorted gay icon Kathy Griffin to the Teen Choice Awards last week and then appeared with her in a hilarious segment on “Larry King Live” the next night, we bet his gay following has only quadrupled in the last few days. “I think it’s great, man,” Levi says. “Um, I just like my fans. Just another person.”
So Levi appreciates the gays, but as far as cougars go, another possible fan base for Levi, he says Sarah Palin “is not my favorite.” Asked about the rumors that Sarah and her husband Todd, the “first dude” of Alaska,” are splitting, Levi replies: “I heard about some of that.” When he lived with the Palins while Bristol was pregnant, Levi says Sarah and Todd fought “like cats and dogs.” “Oh yeah” he says, “they were … like every other family.” Oh sure, those Palins: just like every other family … [Us Weekly]