Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week Of August 17th 2009

It’s a biggggggg week for reality television, what with the super-sized season premieres of both “Project Runway” and “Top Chef.” So what else do you not want to miss this week? Read on.

The Show: “The House Of Jazmin
Set Your DVR For: Tuesday, 10:30pm (EST), MTV
It’s fun to feel like an underachiever, right? When you were 21, you’d just graduated from college and were sitting on the couch watching “Law & Order” reruns, trying to motivate for the job hunt. This is not the case for Jazmin Li Cari, who started her own successful fashion label before she was old enough to order a drink. May this show be a much more real version of “The City.”

The Show: “Top Chef
Set Your DVR: Wednesday, 9pm (EST), Bravo
Am I the only person who gets crazy hungry watching “Top Chef”? Well, I recommend making yourself a very nice meal before you sit down to watch the season six premiere of everyone’s favorite cooking competition show. This time, the action goes down in Las Vegas, and the word on the street is that the first challenge involves both showgirls and poker chips. Stay tuned for the series finale of “Top Chef Masters.”

The Show: “Project Runway
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 10pm (EST), Lifetime
So much drama went into “Project Runway” moving to Lifetime, that you’d think this was a show about egotastic fashion designers. Oh, wait a second. Whatever, we are thrilled that a new season is starting and hope that it contains as many amazing dresses and snide one-liners as ever. Right before the premiere—at 8pm, catch the “Project Runway All-Star Challenge,” where your faves from seasons past—like Korto Momolu and Jeffrey Sebelia— face off. And right after, see “Models of the Runway,” which takes you backstage for model catfights. It’s practically a fashiongasm.

The Show: “Jockeys
Set Your DVR For: Friday, 10pm (EST), Animal Planet
I’m kind of enthralled by horse jockeys—those pint-sized daredevils who live for the 20 seconds of a horse race. Animal Planet’s series about them actually manages to make their world pretty hot, with color-drenched cinematopgraphy showing of their crazy toned bodies. I’ve got my money on horse #2.

The Show: “Miss Universe 2009
Set Your DVR For: Sunday, 9pm (EST), NBC
Now normally, we would never, ever tell you to watch a beauty pageant. But remember how pissed you were when you missed all the inanity of the Miss USA pageant and then felt a little left out when Carrie Prejean was all anyone could talk about for like a month? This time, watch.