New Modeling Agency Goes Out On A Limb

Hello gorgeous! There’s a new group of models strutting their way down the internet catwalk. While most of us tremble at the strict standards for high fashion models, these gals won’t let a missing limb stop them from booking a professional photo shoot. They are bad to the bone!

Amputee World is a site devoted to showing off young and beautiful women who happen to be missing a limb. The money raised by their webzine subscribers goes to giving girls a modeling photo portfolio to launch their career and fitting them with expensive prosthetic limbs. While they have a “no nudity” policy (respect!), dudes have been swooning over these glamazons. And who can blame them? These ladies are confident babes! Dang, I may not be missing a limb, but I wish I had the rad attitude these amazing women have.Markus, the site founder, married a woman who lost her leg in a car accident and it nearly stopped her from fulfilling her dreams of becoming a supermodel. Sadly, after making it to a final round of a beauty pageant, his wife was found to be disabled and was disqualified. The nerve! So, her husband took matters into his own hands and decided to help her become the next Cindy Crawford by launching a site devoted to amputee models. And he’s a man on a mission:

“Why shouldn’t disabled people be sexy? Our aim is to demonstrate that, firstly, beauty and disability are by no means contradictory terms. … Very often handicapped people have only two options and that is to sell their tragic stories to newspapers or appear on television talk shows. It is practically impossible for them to have a real chance to get a major role in the film business or on stage or in the top ranking modeling industry. We would like to see this change.”

Oh, I think a change would do us good! Nothing should come between a woman and her aspirations. Don’t you agree? [Vice]