Lily Allen Freaks Out In Concert

Lily Allen needs to take her own advice and smile. The 24-year-old started sobbing in the middle of her concert in Finland over the weekend. Through her tears, she told the audience that she had fallen and hurt her back the night before and was on painkillers. The pain and medication combo was making her super emotional. [Metro UK]

Lily finished the concert but we’re starting to wonder why so many musicians are getting hurt these days…On August 5, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler was airlifted to a hospital after he fell off the stage while doing a weird little dance at a concert in South Dakota. He broke his shoulder and got a bunch of stiches in his head. The band canceled the rest of their summer tour so Tyler can get a little R&R. We think these rock stars better start being careful or we aren’t going to have any concerts to go to. [Newsday]