Jamie Foxx’s Sly Shot And Other Male Celebs Who Got Caught In The Buff

jamie foxx naked jpg
In the wake of all those lady celebrities — like Vanessa Hudgens — expressing how upset they are that their nudie photos are getting leaked onto the internet, one actor isn’t afraid to put it all out there. Maybe because he’s got a lot to show off? The multi-talented Jamie Foxx has posted his own naked camera-phone pics online. While we’re sure it was hard for him to find a mirror where he could zoom out enough to get it all, even flaccid, we’re sure glad he took the time to click this pic. Should we add him to our roundup of Legendary Thespian Penises or Legendary Rock Star Penises slideshows? Well, he’s going to kick off this fresh one because plenty of other sexy male celebs have already had their goods leaked on the internet. Yay! [via Buzzfeed]
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