Hard Candy Nail Polish Set To Make Comeback

Remember Hard Candy? It was the nail polish brand of the late ’90s, successfully marketing funky nail colors like green, silver and frosty blue. The must-have brand was a middle and high school status marker—if you wore Hard Candy (or better yet, had a collection of bottles) you told the world that you cared enough to spend way more than $1 on the Wet ‘N Wild variety, and that you loved being a trendsetter. Then somewhere along the way, Alicia Silverstone stopped wearing the shimmery sky-blue polish, and the company slowly morphed into Urban Decay, only to let Hard Candy fall to the wayside and become available only in hard-to-find ways, like on eBay.com. Well, she’s back!
That’s right, the good news is that Hard Candy is about to experience a retro revival. The line will be coming back thanks to an agreement with Wal-Mart stores. The best part—a price point much lower than its previous $12 per bottle. V. recession-friendly, and awesome news, too. Lacquer up. [NylonMag.com]