Hard Candy Nail Polish Set To Make Comeback

Leonora Epstein | August 17, 2009 - 1:40 pm

Remember Hard Candy? It was the nail polish brand of the late ’90s, successfully marketing funky nail colors like green, silver and frosty blue. The must-have brand was a middle and high school status marker—if you wore Hard Candy (or better yet, had a collection of bottles) you told the world that you cared enough to spend way more than $1 on the Wet ‘N Wild variety, and that you loved being a trendsetter. Then somewhere along the way, Alicia Silverstone stopped wearing the shimmery sky-blue polish, and the company slowly morphed into Urban Decay, only to let Hard Candy fall to the wayside and become available only in hard-to-find ways, like on eBay.com. Well, she’s back!
That’s right, the good news is that Hard Candy is about to experience a retro revival. The line will be coming back thanks to an agreement with Wal-Mart stores. The best part—a price point much lower than its previous $12 per bottle. V. recession-friendly, and awesome news, too. Lacquer up. [NylonMag.com]