Fall Fashion T.V Bonanaza: Nina Garcia & Jazmin Whitley

Project Runway and the Fashion Show (if they ever even make it back on TV) should prep for some ferosh competition. Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, is adding another television show to her magazine editing and t.v show judging duties: acting. Garcia will be a guest star on Ashton Kutcher’s new series, “The Beautiful Life,” and has already filmed her scenes for one episode. Depending on how well Garcia is received by the audience, there’s a solid chance that her role could extend to more episodes. The show, which debuts September 16th also stars Mischa Barton and Elle McPherson. Hot on Garcia’s heels is Jazmin Whitley! Never heard of her? Starting tomorrow, you will. The 20 year old Los Angeles based designer behind the Li Cari collection, is going to star in her own MTV reality show, “House of Jazmin.” Here is where we’ll take a look at how this young adult juggles, fashion, friends and a mommy-manager. Judging from the reviews we’ve read this could either be insanely fun or insanely not. Tune in tomorrow to MTV at 10:30 pm (EST) to decide for yourself.