Designer Shopping Bags As Totes: The Ultimate In Label Whoring?

After a few weeks of lusting over it, I’ve finally decided to acknowledge that this Valentino bag will not be mine. Even though my computer would look so cute in there and I’m a relatively nice person. Grr. But even during my points of deepest obsession, a Valentino shopping bag never seemed like a reasonable substitute. I get the idea behind carrying designer shopping bags: looking like you can shop at stores that would really eat an entire month’s paycheck in one go. But I don’t get the allure.

The New York Times just wrote about this designer shopping bag “trend” sweeping Japan and focused mostly on the adorable aspects. Like a teenage girl who says carrying a bag from a popular designer store reminds her of the fun times she has shopping. On the other hand, could it also be the ultimate form of label whoring, more intense in its desperation level than carrying fakes? While there’s certainly nothing wrong with grabbing an old shopping bag to throw some extra “totally necessary” junk into, it’s the whole willful and consistent designer bag usage thing that throws me. Aside from the people who actually did once shop at the stores advertised on their totes, there are also scads of label-addicted ladies buying old designer shopping bags on eBay.

Yes. As in paying money for used shopping bags in the hopes of convincing passersby that said bag once held a new designer purse. Is it just me or does that seem a little sad/wacky/weird?

We much prefer a more creative take on “designer” bags. Like this.