“Dancing With The Stars” Announces Their New Batch Of C-Listers

“Dancing With The Stars” is back, y’all. I won’t lie—last season’s cast was kind of the most amazing ever. (The Wizard of Woz, Steve Wozniak? Lil’ Kim? Denise Richards? Belinda Carlise? How do you top that? Besides bringing back James Dean from the dead?) But this season’s lineup is looking pretty dope, too. After the jump, the deets on all the contestants. Plus, who we think will lambada the socks off the judges.

Name Who Dat? Chance of Winning?
Aaron Carter We have a slight problem calling him a star, but he is our favorite younger sibling of a Backstreet Boy. You better watch out for this guy. He may barely be legal to order a beer, but he did start a wicked feud between Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan back in the day.
Ashley Hamilton Again, a star? Not so much. This dude’s most famous for being the son of George Hamilton, the stepson of Rod Stewart, and the ex-husband of Shannen Doherty. The man has some serious slicked-back hair gel, which bodes well. Plus, papa made it to round six in season two, and we’re betting son has way swivelier hips.
Chuck Liddell Awesome choice, producers. We love the inclusion of mixed martial arts master, Chuck. Pretty good. If he doesn’t do well on the dance floor, he can always break some kneecaps backstage and take competitors out of the running.
Debi Mazar She started out as Madonna’s makeup artist and is now a regular on “Entourage.” She may well kick ass—after all, she’s appeared in mucho music videos.
Donny Osmond He hardly seems “A Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll” anymore, but we’re kind of amused to see one half of the “Donny and Marie Show” shake a tail feather onstage. Sis placed third in season five. Let’s see if it runs in the family.
Joanna Krupa Yeah, I’d never heard of her either. Turns out she’s a model who Maxim declared one of the “Sexiest Women in the World.” If she can dazzle the judges by smiling with her eyes, she could do well?
Kathy Ireland Producers, if you’re going to include a model in the lineup, this is a much better way to do it. We still love this supermodel-turned-designer-turned-Sunday-school-teacher. But only for her acting skillz.

Go, Kathy, go!
Kelly Osbourne I am so freaking excited that this spawn of Ozzy Osbourne is on the show—I’ve always kind of loved her for her tell-it-like-it-is ‘tude. She’s fresh out of rehab, so we hope she has the mental focus to make it far.
Louie Vito I’ve always wondered what this professional snowboarder would look like all cleaned up. If adorableness counts for anything, he should go far.
Macy Gray Oh man, I just got that song “Do Something” in my head. I’ve really missed Macy, so am thrilled she’s in the cast. She can sing, but I dunno about the dancing part. However, she did kick ass on “Celebrity Poker Showdown” so maybe she has surprises up her sleeve.
Mark Dacascos You know him better as the host of “Iron Chef America.” Hmmm … maybe he’ll incorporate stingray into his dancing?
Melissa Joan Hart Amazing. Clarissa/Sabrina the Teenage Witch is in the house. If there is any justice in the world, she will win.
Michael Irvin A former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, this dude is now a host on ESPN. He’s probably better with the pigskin than with the lambada.
Mya Who needs a last name? Singer Mya will forever be our “Ghetto Superstar.” Why is it I want to watch a dance-off between her and Kelly Osbourne.
Natalie Coughlin She’s the answer to Shawn Johnson last season. Natalie is a ridonculous swimmer who won 11 medals in the 2008 Olympics. You remember that Shawn won, right?
Tom DeLay Hot—”Dancing with the Stars” has selected its first politician. As the Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, Tom earned the nickname “The Hammer.” Not to be confused with M.C. He may be old. And a Republican. But maybe he’s got moves?